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kate-beckinsale-bikiniKate Beckinsale was born in England on July 26, 1973. She’s a beautiful actress that’s that’s got one of the most gorgeous faces in Hollywood to go along with a dynamite body.  Esquire magazine named her the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2009.

Since staring in the first “Underworld” movie in 2003, she has become known by many as an action movie star that kicks plenty of butt! But Kate needs to keep her body in tip-top shape for all her butt kicking roles.

Below are some good sources on the matter of how Kate Beckinsale works out and diets to stay in shape…

Kate Beckinsale has one of the best butts in Hollywood. Bodybuilding.com reveals a glute workout intended to build a tight butt like Kate Beckinsale…

Bodybuilding.com – Kate Beckinsale Glute Workout: Build Buns Like

Kate Beckinsale is known for kicking butt, but she’s equally admired for her own great glutes. Kick @ss in the gym with this Kate-inspired posterior chain workout!

Kate Beckinsale “Underworld Awakening” Workout secrets…

How Kate Beckinsale Got in Shape for Underworld Awakening

Find out how she got in leather catsuit-ready shape for her latest movie, Underworld Awakening.

Kate Beckinsale’s Yoga instructor shows some of Kate’s Secrets:

Kate Beckinsale Sexy Legs Workout, Yoga Poses, Get the Bod”>Kate Beckinsale Sexy Legs Workout, Yoga Poses, Get the Bod

Kate Beckinsale loves Yoga! She does Yoga up to 5 days a week. Here’a quick popular video showing Kate doing some Yoga move:

E! – Kate Beckinsale doing YogaKate Beckinsale Sexy Legs Workout, Yoga Poses, Get the Bod


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  1. Vjacheslav July 31, 2013 at 6:48 am - Reply

    You make it sound like she passed on an amainzg career to do these genre films. Kate is nearly 40 and has never had a starring role in a great film. LDOD was an ensemble film which Cloe Sevigny was more the star of. Kate hit the goldmine when she got the Underworld franchise. She is married to the director of Underworld, and he’s directed or produced all of them, plus she’s starred in most of them (the couple also dir/star in Van Helsing). Her keeping the franchise going is the family business. It’s exactly like Mila Jovovich and P.W.S. Anderson keeping the Resident Evil franchise going (There is already RE 5 in preproduction, for the same reason that Kate would be dumb to pass on Underworld 5). Fast Five shows how the original stars can keep a franchise on life support way past the usual pair of cash in sequels (Blu-Ray Box set $$, anyone). Kate might be sub-literate but her math is excellent.

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